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Our traveling Trunk Shows are a great opportunity for you to visit us in person close to home. Stop in, talk to our folks and try on some of our suits when we come to a health club or hotel near you. See exactly which H2O Wear size, style and bra system work best for you. Feel the comfort and quality that make our swimwear so popular.

Trunk Show items are discounted 10% or more, offering you exceptional value. You’ll mostly find prints and styles not currently available in our Catalog plus aqua shoes and accessories. Here’s your chance to get a great deal on a suit that fits your needs!

H2O wear Trunk Shows are principally held at health clubs, YMCAs and hotels in states along the east coast from Maine to Florida and in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. We are occasionally in other states. If you would like us to come to your area, just provide us with a contact name at the facility where you exercise in the pool.

To ensure that you are notified when a trunk show is coming to your area, please be sure we have your current e-mail address. Simply e-mail it to: and note your name and address.

Our Trunk Show Team is on summer vacation!  You will be notified via E-Mail of any upcoming sales in your area!