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Easy Care Instructions
to prolong the life of your H2O Wear garment

Your ChloroGuard™ swimwear is not delicate. It requires no special care. But these few tips will help you enjoy it longer.

  • We suggest you rinse your suit after each use. Consider rinsing it in cold water with Solomar Suit Saver™. This gentle solution is specially formulated to remove 99.9% of residual chlorine from fabric. Just a squirt will refresh your suit and eliminate chlorine odor.

  • You can wash the garment in your machine on gentle cycle, with other like colors. Just use cool water and a mild detergent; no bleach or Woolite™. Then tumble dry on low.

  • Please do not wrap your suit in a towel. Use a clean bag instead, as our polyester thread will pick up the lint from a towel.

  • Avoid those locker room spin dryer machines. They can damage your suit.

  • As with any knitted garment, take care to avoid pilling, snagging and abrasion while wearing your ChloroGuard swimwear. These are not covered under our one-year prorated warranty. Nor is damage resulting from hot tub benches and their surroundings, or from any activity other than aquatic exercise and/or swimming in normal pool conditions.

Enjoy your H2O Wear garment! It’s specifically made to resist chlorine and help you have a great workout every time!