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Why do you need the Stepin2now by H2OWear?

If you struggle putting on a swimsuit and find taking a wet suit off even harder, the Stepin2now by H2OWear is your solution. Made of two half-suits designed to be as easy to put on and take off as possible, it has our excellent bra support, wide comfortable straps that won't fall down, and the same coverage and style as our onepiece suits. Here's how it works.

1.Each half-suit has one shoulder strap and two leg openings. The leg opening under the strap is larger to give you more room. It will not show when you have the whole suit on.

2. Select one half and put your legs into the leg openings as if you were putting on a one-piece suit.

3. Slide the shoulder strap up and you will see that there is no fabric on your other side, so no need to twist or pull to put your arm through the strap.

4. Repeat with the other half suit, slipping it easily up over the first!

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