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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Have a question? We’re glad to answer. Check the top FAQ's below. If you don’t find the information you need, or want more specifics, just give us a call. We’re happy to help in you any way.

How do I find my size? Take your bust, waist, hips and torso measurements and then check our sizing chart. Keep in mind that our polyester suits have less stretch than nylon-spandex ones. If the chart puts you in multiple sizes, we suggest that you order the larger one. Or consider purchasing separates to accommodate the variations.

How do I care for my H2O Wear garments? It’s easy! We suggest you rinse your garments in cold water after each use. Then wash them at least once a week on gentle cycle, in cool water with just a mild detergent. No bleach or Woolite™.

A few more tips: Please do not wrap your garments in a towel; use a clean bag instead as our polyester thread will pick up the lint from a towel. Also, avoid benches in hot tubs and locker-room spin dryers. These will damage your garments and are not covered under our one-year prorated warranty. If you follow these few simple tips, your H2O Wear garments will withstand chlorine beautifully and last longer. For more details check our Swimwear Care section.

How do I return an item? Do I have to pay the postage? To return an item, we recommend that you reuse the package it came in by simply turning it inside out. On the bottom of your enclosed return form, you’ll find a preprinted label you can cut out and affix to the package. You pay for the postage when you send an item back to us. We pay the postage back to you if you are exchanging your item for something else. Find more information here.

Why don’t you have more mastectomy choices? Demand is not so high for our mastectomy styles and other specialty garments. So we have two options. We can produce multiple styles in one color, usually black. Or we can offer fewer styles in more colors and prints. We try to walk a fine middle line.

How do you calculate your shipping costs? Our rates take many things into consideration. We factor in such costs as packaging materials, shipping department wages and postage.

Why are your prices so high? It’s all in how you look at it. Our swimwear offers you the best QUALITY and VALUE, not the lowest price on the market. We promise you a long-lasting, ultra chlorine-resistant garment. The outside fabric, liner fabric and thread are all 100% durable polyester. We encourage you to have high expectations, so we stand behind our work with a one-year prorated warranty. We could purchase a “cheaper” garment elsewhere and sell it to you for less. But that suit would not represent our traditional high standards; we could not guarantee its quality the way we do every one of our ChloroGuard™ pieces.

Check the price of other swimwear that is not guaranteed to last at least a year of use in the pool; then consider that you may have to purchase two or three of those garments to last as long as just one of ours. Multiply that lower price by two or three and you’ll see that H2O Wear is your better value, hands down!

I’m on the web, can you help me? We can guide you to a garment but cannot actually walk you through the purchase process online. Have you ever made a web purchase before? If not we recommend that you ask a family member or friend to help you the first time. Or give us a call at 1-800-321-7848 and ask for some live assistance.